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Catholic Charities puts faith into action to serve the most vulnerable in our community, advocating for justice, human dignity and quality of life, while reflecting the compassion of God in Christ.

Catholic Charities 2019-2020 Advisory Board

President: Bishop Felipe J. Estevez  Diocesan Director: Anita Hassell Regional Director: John Barli  Officers: (Chair) Billie Denunzio, (Vice Chair) Todd Brockish, (Secretary) Kim Fisher (Treasurer) Corinne Turcotte, (Chair Emeritus) Jacqueline Crews, (Board Advisers) John Cousins, Ted Burns, (Members) Denise Bennett, Tom Copeland, Jeff Davis, Dana Davenport, Mark Fisher, Mark Gajda, Paul Gulig, Rebecca Hightower, Becker Holland, Ed Huene, Pat Massimillo, Kevin Marshall, Susan McQuillan, Jose Moreno, Anthony Muschera, Ann Olcese, T.J. Pyche, Penny Waltman, Sabrina Williams

Catholic Charities offers a variety programs to provide assistance to anyone in need in our community.

Emergency Assistance

  • Our food pantry provides food packages that are nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of each family or individual
  • We distribute approximately 12,500 pounds of food a month
  • We also provide financial assistance for rent, mortgages, utilities and prescriptions

Rural Mobile Food Distributions

  • We serve the five rural counties surrounding Gainesville
  • Our food van, program coordinator and teams of volunteers bring food and personal care items to help people in these areas who are unable to make a trip into town
  • Through this program, we are currently providing food to over 500 families a month

Weekend Hunger Backpack Program

  • This program was designed to supplement meals for children who depend on their school for breakfast and lunch
  • Backpacks are filled during the week to be taken home on Friday with enough food for the child and their siblings during the weekend
  • We are currently serving 21 schools and over 830 students

Bridges to Prosperity

  • This is one of our newer programs that was designed to find real solutions to help people overcome poverty, which is oftentimes generational
  • This three-part program that addresses poverty as a personal and social issue
  • Our clients will take a four-week financial training course and a 15-week poverty reflection course while partnering with a community ally who will help them accomplish the goals they set for themselves.


  • We provide assistance to all parties in the adoption process
  • Our services include education, guidance, information and referral, home studies, placement, post placement supervision, counseling and support
  • We offer assistance with post adoption information and with search services for birth and adoptive families

Pregnancy Counseling

  • We provide services and advocacy for women experiencing unplanned pregnancies
  • Our goal is to assist, encourage, and empower women in making positive and life-affirming choices for themselves and their unborn child
  • Our experienced counselors provide referrals to community services and non-judgmental support

English Language Literacy

  • Designed to help anyone looking to learn or improve their skills in English comprehension and usage
  • Small classrooms
  • Multi-level
  • Certified ESL instructors

Office Location
Gainesville Office
1701 NE 9th Street
Gainesville, Fl 32609
Fax 352-371-3157

View our Annual Report 2019 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bmrzGnEf-zCQ5477zP–J-qf7E89NN-q/view?usp=sharing

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