Emergency Assistance

non-discriminationHunger can happen to anyone no matter their age, race, gender or ethnicity. Some local families are often forced to choose between food and other basic necessities such as medical care, rent or utilities. Through partnerships with community entities, Catholic Charities provides assistance to individuals and families that are in immediate distress. Our food pantry is currently providing around 850 lbs of food a week to an average of over 1000 people a month. We are a once a month supplemental food source for families struggling to make ends meet. We provides food packages that are nutritionally balanced to meet the needs of each family or individual. We have a specialized food list for individuals facing the challenge of Diabetes. Their bags are pre made and are added to the food given to the rest of the family. We have a specific bags for our homeless clients, that take into consideration a person’s ability to cook and offers smaller serving sizes so food will not go to waste. We offer special programs for back to school, thanksgiving and Christmas. We also provide limited financial assistance for rent, mortgages, utilities, and prescriptions.

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