Bridges to Prosperity

Catholic Charities Gainesville continues to be on the front lines the fight against poverty. Statistics show one out of seven Americans are now living below the poverty line, and the poverty rate in Alachua County is even higher. For many, a culture of day-to-day survival prevails. Access to education, jobs with sustainable wages and benefits, supportive relationships, permanent housing and the opportunity to build a stable future are not likely when focus and energy are directed at merely getting by rather than getting ahead.

To address these issues we have created “Bridges to Prosperity” a three part program that helps look at poverty as a personal and social issue. Part 1 begins with financial fitness: a four week course designed to help find extra dollars every month to save, create a spending plan, and avoid falling into money and credit traps. Part 2 is a 15 week course “Getting ahead in a just getting by world” here we dig deeper into the causes of poverty and its impacts on the community and the individual. We work with client to establish objectives and goals to help them become self-sufficient. Part 3 involves matching the graduates up with community Allies to work together toward the goals set out in part 2.

For more information contact:
Rev. James Dixon- Program Coordinator
352-372-0294 Ext. 104

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