Pregnancy Counseling

“I never thought I would be in this situation. I feel so alone and I need real help.”

An unplanned pregnancy can lead to a wide variety of feelings and sometimes fears. A better understanding of services available to women in unexpected pregnancy may turn fears into plans. Come visit with a Caring Choices Counselor who will listen to your needs and help find resources and a wide variety community services available for women and families. Our services include:

Pregnancy Counseling
• free, confidential, professional counseling in a safe and caring environment
• make an appointment for a free pregnancy test
• evaluate your medical, emotional, social, and financial needs and determine the options and resources available to you during and after your pregnancy

Options Counseling
• evaluate your needs and concerns about parenting
• explore your understanding and feelings about adoption
• participate in the decision making process for parenting or adoption

• learn how to have a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery
• review educational materials available for use with a counselor or independently

• guidance and non-judgmental support for you and others involved in your
life, including the child’s father and other family members or friends.

• learn about community resources, medical and social services, and counseling available to you
to help turn those fears to plans.

Please contact us at 352-224-6424 or visit our Caring Choices website for more information

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